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My name is Danielle Beedles (DB) I have a love and passion for Fitness, Health and Beauty. I hope to encourage and inspire people to live out a healthy lifestyle, with Fitness and a healthy nutrition intake being the building blocks to achieve a healthy well balanced lifestyle.

I have been doing Beauty since 2005 and the Health & Fitness Industry since 2008, including four years interacting with nutrition, health and wellbeing. This contributed to great knowledge within the nutrition and health industry and led to the development of my own Protein Powder July 2015.

DB Chocolate Pea Protein has the amazing qualities of having 0g Sugar, 2g Carbs, 18 Amino Acids and tastes delicious with a natural chocolate flavour. It is plant based so perfect for Vegans & Vegetarians! It fits with my beliefs as it is an Alkalising product with having a 7.5pH- For more information click here

Danielle’s Breakfast Smoothie:
2 Tablespoons DB Chocolate Pea Protein
1 Tablespoon Oats
½ Banana
150ml Lactose Free Milk
100ml Water
Blend all & Enjoy, DB xxx

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